At a baby shower in the late Spring of 2009, Dan Finlay was decorating baby onesies with the rest of the ComedySportz cast. Unfortunately, his favorite idea for a onesie at this time required a three-color screen print, not the standard fare of sharpies and puffy paint.

A few weeks later, the “Change Me” onesie was born, and has been worn by various children of very high taste since.

What started on his kitchen floor began to snowball, and one small upgrade led to another. A few lucky craigslist finds and some electrician visits later, Dan has turned “Tricera–Tops” into a fully-equipped screen print shop, capable of printing up to 4–color plastisol designs and curing them, all within the garage he lives next to.

What does this mean? It means high quality shirts, with barely any overhead. What more could you ask for?